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Sorry for writing in English. I created an article about "Rondaninn-a teito a teito". Please help me to improve it so we could add it to English Wikipedia (and then all the others :) ) and preserve zenéize culture. --Pabloab (discuscioin) 02:36, 28 màr 2019 (UTC)

Sure! Thanks for helping us preserve the zeneize culture! I will definitely support you and soon provide you with an integration to your draft page. How come you are interested in the Genoese language? Podemos también hablar en español. Scignorîa! --Luensu1959 (discuscioin) 11:15, 28 màr 2019 (UTC)

O tradutô do zeneize Rîco Carlini o m'à mandòu a filastròcca da Rondanìnn-a. Pòsso òua corêze e ascì mandâte a sò email se ti me scrîvi o tò indirisso. I can correct and complete the text and at the same time send you the email I received from Genoese translator Rico Carlini with his remarks. Alêgri! --Luensu1959 (discuscioin) 20:17, 29 màr 2019 (UTC)

Tórna a-a pàgina "San Beneito".